Liquid feeding installation check

There are numerous liquid feeding installations available on the market.

The range includes brands such as Weda, Fancom, Kamplan, Big Dutchman, Meyer Lohne, Tewe, Schauer, Agmat, Howema, Datamix and Funki. All of these brands also offer various models and versions.

You cannot expect your liquid feed specialist to know every single one of these brands, or be able to identify improvement points.

As I have already performed more than 350 inspections at home and abroad, I have the experience to identify the points that can be improved in your installation, so that the technical performances of your pigs can be enhanced.

Inspecting a liquid feeding installation involves assessing many points relating to how it operates.

If discrepancies are found, improvements will be discussed straightaway. I also usually discuss these points with your installer, so they are also aware of the situation on your farm.

A brief summary of what the check involves:

  • Re-calibrating the zero point
  • Calibrating the weighers
  • Assessing the settings for spraying the weighers
  • Assessing weigher hygiene and indicating improvements
  • Assessing¬† mixing of by-products at dosing-in
  • Assessing the number of kilos to be produced
  • Assessing the mixing zones
  • Assessing the recipe settings, such as specific gravity
  • Assessing the mixing times of by-products
  • Assessing the circuit rinsing
  • Assessing correctness of steering fluid/water content in recipes.
  • Etc.
  • Etc.

After completion of the inspection, you will receive a full report clearly detailing action points that you can apply immediately and that have been agreed with your liquid feed specialist and installer.

In other words, a liquid feeding installation check is certainly worthwhile and will earn itself back in no time!!