About myself

My name is Joost Leijten together with my wife whe live in Helvoirt, in the province of Brabant. (Netherlands)

After I graduated from the University of Applied Sciences (HAS) Den Bosch in 1991, I was employed by a compound feed manufacturer for 13 years. In the last eight years of my employment I worked as a liquid feed specialist advising customers in West Brabant and East Germany.

Optimising liquid feed rations has taught me that the theory is not everything. The technology must also function properly.

You may well optimise the performance by two points behind the decimal, but this is all too often cancelled out by large deviations in the liquid feeding installation.

In 2004 I took over the running of the farm from my parents and stopped my activities as an external advisor. But the passion for liquid feeding advice runs through my veins, so in 2008 I started performing inspections of liquid feeding installations again.

I aim to provide advice in close consultation with the installer and the feed advisor to give you, the pig farmer, clear and constructive guidance for your installation.